UOL: Pagseguro Uses Mikrotik from AWS Marketplace for Container Network Portability

PagSeguro, part of UOL, wanted to provide network address portability for containers hosted in AWS, using the same layer 3 network as that used on-premise. They built a solution that uses AWS EC2 with Calico software, with Apache Mesos for container management and a Mikrotik router appliance on EC2, provided via the AWS Marketplace. Each EC2 instance has calico software installed to allow containers to move from one EC2 host to another and keep network connectivity. This solution gave them the required level of network integration between their AWS and on-premise networks. Learn more at –

Host: Toby Knight, Manager, AWS Solutions Architecture
Speakers: Luiz Flavio Rojo Fernandes, SRE Engineer

Duration: 6:4
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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