upCUBE.io First in Europe to Bring Docker Hosting Powered by KuberDock

CloudLinux, the maker of KuberDock, the platform for allowing hosting providers to launch dockerized application hosting, has announced that Linevast hosting company is first in Europe to launch Docker hosting powered by KuberDock.

Linevast’s Docker hosting service upCUBE.io offers a fully scalable Docker environment serving the needs of customers for agile development and application deployment. It would allow them to choose and deploy containers for hosting any of the dockerized applications. With its flexible usage-based billing system, customers only pay for what they actually use as their container environments scale with their project.

Through the KuberDock platform, upCUBE.io customers would have easy access to DockerHub, a large collection of ready-to-use Docker applications. Customers can even connect their own private repositories to upCUBE.io’s hosting environment.

“We have invested a lot into building our redundant and highly-available infrastructure, and KuberDock now helps us make much better use of our IT,” said Valentin Küpper, CEO of upCUBE. “We’ve acquired an incredible amount of customers in the past 2 months since launch, and now they can scale resources ordered based on the apps they run, without being limited by pre-configured plans, system and feature limitation. To achieve this without KuberDock would be nearly impossible”.

upCUBE.io would offer the following to their customers:

  • Scalable Docker hosting environment
  • Ability to launch the environment and applications within seconds
  • Access to over 100K Dockerized applications through DockerHub
  • Visual and feature-rich UI, with real-time monitoring
  • Persistent storage for flexibility to storing data
  • A CLI for those who prefer to manage containers by using their terminal
  • Top of the line redundant, load-balanced infrastructure
  • 24/7 technical support

KuberDock would allow upCUBE.io users to compete with giants like Amazon AWS, Google and Azure offering a wide variety of applications and scalable environments.

“We are making KuberDock be as easy as possible for hosters to deploy and manage,” said Igor Seletskiy, CEO of CloudLinux. “We are glad to see upCUBE.io offering coming from such an inventive hosting company and making Docker hosting available not only for the German market but also for all of Europe.”

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