After acquiring M2 Enterprise Group last month, data center services, cloud, and Internet infrastructure marketplace UPSTACK has acquired another company. Now they’ve bought PacTech Partners, a large-scale network and communications consulting business. The transaction’s terms were not disclosed.

UPSTACK’s acquisition of PacTech Partners is part of the company’s plan to expand its platform, which would bring together the industry’s best advisers with cutting-edge technology, support resources, and data.

In April, Berkshire Partners has made a $50 million equity investment in the firm, which will allow it to continue to grow its platform through technological expansion and partner acquisitions.

PacTech Founder, Chris Wright

Chris Wright, the owner of PacTech, will join UPSTACK as a partner and real equity shareholder in the company as part of the agreement. He will also act as an advisor to corporate clients using the UPSTACK platform to source cloud, data center, network connectivity, and unified communications.

Chris Wright was recruited to become an agent in 2014 after a 13-year career in finance. The job shift was a significant risk, but he paid off handsomely, selling more than six figures in MRR in the first year by focusing on bigger companies.

“I knew that no matter how big the company, I had the resources to develop the solution my client needed,” said Chris Wright. “So, I would go after the largest companies in the world, not fearing that they’re going to have a question that I wouldn’t be able to answer.”

Partnership with UPSTACK

Photo Chris Wright, the owner of PacTech
Chris Wright, the owner of PacTech, will join UPSTACK as a partner and real equity shareholder.

Mr. Wright’s strategy of using relationships across huge businesses to offer numerous services across several lines of business was paying off, and he began to look ahead.

When Wright was introduced to UPSTACK, he saw that their approach to partnership stood apart from the rest.

“I just felt Chris Trapp had not only the knowledge and connections to take UPSTACK to the next level, but also the technology,” added Wright. “I wanted to be part of something that was going to revolutionize or upend the current way of doing things in our space.”

UPSTACK was launched in New York in 2017 and claims it has since played a key role in altering the way Internet and cloud infrastructure is sourced and sold. The company uses cutting-edge technology to enable a large staff of cloud infrastructure experts to provide tailored solutions for organizations of all sizes.

“We’re excited to welcome Chris to the UPSTACK family,” said Christopher Trapp, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UPSTACK. “Chris built PacTech into one of the fastest-growing technology agencies in only six years. This achievement is even more impressive, considering he pivoted to tech from a career in finance. I’m confident that his tenacity backed by the UPSTACK platform will be unstoppable.”