USAA Sees Success with Elastic Support

It’s been nearly two years since USAA purchased an Elastic subscription, and the reason they became a customer – to have a safety net – isn’t the reason they remain one. As they become more experienced with the Elastic Stack, they can handle a lot more of the ongoing maintenance on their own. But they also continue to expand their use of Elasticsearch, as well as become more ambitious with their use cases – and that’s why they want Elastic to be there to advise them along the way.

At Elastic{ON}16, Neelsen ‘Nelly’ Cyrus, senior security analyst at USAA, and Greg Nieman, Elastic support engineer, got to meet each other in-person for the first time and share what it’s been like working together.

Duration: 3:27
Publisher: Elastic
You can watch this video also at the source.

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