Use cases where Spanner is transforming businesses

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Cloud Spanner is a fully managed relational database with unlimited scale, strong consistency, and up to 99.999% availability. In this episode of Spanner: Database Unlimited, we’ll share use cases where Spanner solves some of the most complex and challenging data management problems businesses face today. You’ll learn how Spanner powers business-critical applications in retail, financial services, gaming, media and entertainment, technology, healthcare and more. Watch to learn how Spanner can help transform your business too!

0:00 – Intro
0:51 – Financial services use cases
3:01 – Gaming use cases
4:16 – Retail use cases
6:08 – Summary of benefits and additional use cases
6:42 – Next steps

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Product: Cloud Spanner; fullname: Alicia Williams, Stephanie Wong;

Duration: 00:07:16
Publisher: Google Cloud
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