Using Desktop, Tablet, and Phone Views in BoldGrid

During the process of building your BoldGrid site, you may be curious as to what it looks like on a tablet or phone.

This tutorial will show you how to view your pages in the different formats.

Let’s get started.

First, log into your BoldGrid admin dashboard.

Now, find the “Pages” link in the left hand sidebar and give that a click.

You are brought to the Pages list page. Find the page you want to view and hover over it.

If you have both “Staging” and “Active” sites, be sure to check the Development group to be sure you are choosing the right page.

When the menu links appear under the page name, click on the “Edit” link.

This brings you to the page editor.

Look for the toolbar icons across the top of the page editor.

On the right side of the bar, you will see three icons that look like small screens.

There is one for “Desktop View”, which is the default view, one for “Tablet View”, and one for “Phone View”.

Click on the button relevant to the device you want to emulate.

The page view on the screen will adjust to that view.

Now you can see what your pages will look like on different devices.

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