Using emotion in business | 123-reg

Learn how to use emotion within your business to get more customers, to retain your current ones and to enjoy your work even more.

In this video Rob Mathers, marketing executive at 123-reg, explains what it means to use emotion in business and how you can go about implementing it. You will learn how to define the emotions that might work for your business, how you can scale them up over time and how you can make them authentic and believable over time.

Rob also gives some excellent examples of businesses that are using emotion to create a strong community of people around their brands. They work emotion so that people start loving their brands so much that they promote those businesses without expecting any rewards in return. This also helps to attract new clients, which leads to more revenue over time. Watch the video for some great tips and advice on how to use emotion in your business.

Have questions or want to share how you’re using emotion in your business to win new clients, to retain the ones you already have or to do work that you’re proud of? Comment below or head on over to our blog to join the conversation:

Duration: 26:35
Publisher: 123 Reg
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