Using Google's Data and AI Technologies with Kaggle (Cloud Next '19)

Kaggle is the world’s largest community of data scientists and machine learners. We have more than 2.6MM registered users who come to Kaggle to compete in machine learning competitions, share code through Kaggle Kernels and share datasets on our public data platform. Over the coming years, we will start allowing our community to try out the best of Google data & AI technologies. While also giving new GCP users an easy way to try out these technologies. This talk will give an overview of Kaggle and will show the audience how we’ve integrated with BigQuery, Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. It will also give a sense for some of the upcoming integrations.

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Speaker(s): Anthony Goldbloom, Rachael Tatman

Session ID: MLAI230
product:Kaggle,BigQuery,Data Studio; fullname:Anthony Goldbloom;

Duration: 23:42
Publisher: Google Cloud
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