Using Menu Tabs in BoldGrid

After you install your first Inspiration, you will notice that it has a default menu as well as a menu of social media buttons. You may want to alter these menus or even create a new one.

This can be accomplished in the fourth tab of the “Customizer”, the Menus tab.

First, log into your BoldGrid admin interface.

Next, click on the “Customize” option from the left hand sidebar.

Once in the Customizer, you will see a Menus tab to the left. Click that to open it up.

The first tab you see is Menu Locations. This allows you to assign any existing menus to a specific area of your site.

In this example, you can see two areas that have menus assigned to the, The “Primary” and the “Left Below Primary Navigation”. You can assign the same menu to more than one area if you choose.

Under the “Menu Locations” tab is a list of the current menus on the site. You can see we have two: Primary and Social Media.

Clicking on either one of these allows you to customize it. You can change the menu name, change the item name, add new items, change the order of arrangement, and assign it to one or more specific locations on your site.

At the bottom you can select to have any new top-level pages automatically added to the menu so you don’t have to do it separately.

At the bottom of the “Menus” tab you can create a new menu by clicking on the “Add a Menu” button.

After you name it and click on “Create” it takes you to the menu edit area like we just saw so you can flesh it out.

The “Edit in Admin” button takes you to the traditional WordPress menu page so you can create or edit from there.

After you have configured the settings to your needs, click the “Save & Publish” button to activate them.

For more information, see our article on the subject:

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