Using the EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin for WordPress

Learn how to use the EWWW Image Optimizer for WordPress. This plugin automatically or manually compresses images so that they load faster on your WordPress site. It incorporates many options including setting image formats, image size, and image storage size. Many of these options are part of the free plugin, but there is also a premium version that expands the plugin to include CDN options and other features.

This tutorial takes you through the installation of the plugin, the initial setup, the Basic settings, and an overview of their Ludicrous mode (their Advanced mode – an homage to the Space Balls movie).

00:00 Introduction animation
1:03 Installation
1:41 Setup
5:07 Initial Optimization of Images
8:07 Basic Settings
11:39 Support Tab
12:57 Contribute Tab
13:15 Ludicrous Mode
15:32 Conclusion

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