Using the Fasthosts nameservers

The written version of this guide can be found here:

If your domain name is registered elsewhere:

Contact the registration provider of your domain name and ask them to change the domains nameservers to:

◾ (
◾ (

If your registration provider supports additional nameservers you can also use:

◾ (


Nameservers act like signposts on the Internet, advising other ISP’s and computers where your website and emails are located.

Each domain name has at least two nameservers associated with it so that if one fails or is busy, the other nameserver will take over and direct computers to your site.

To point your domain name towards your Fasthosts hosting account you can change the domain’s nameservers. If the domain name is registered with Fasthosts this can be done in your control panel. If the domain name is registered elsewhere you will have to change the nameservers with your current domain registration provider.

For additional support:

– Raise a ticket or start a live chat at
– Tweet us @fhtechteam
– Call us on +44 (0)333 0142 700

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