Using the Kubernetes API

So far, we’ve gone over the basics for Kubernetes, but how can you make the modeling of your application lifecycle easier? In this episode of Kubernetes Essentials from Google Cloud, we demo how to use the Kubernetes API objects Deployments and Services to deploy your application – including how Kubernetes allows you to automatically ensure you have the right number of app instances for your application and the ability to roll out updates with zero downtime. Watch to learn how you can easily manage and update your cloud native applications with the Kubernetes API!

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Kubernetes API Objects
0:47 – Example Application
2:00 – Kubernetes Deployments
2:36 – Connecting to Your App with a Service
3:36 – Performing Rolling Updates
4:36 – Recap
5:00 – What’s next?

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Disclaimer: This is a Google Cloud series and is not affiliated with the Linux Foundation.

Duration: 00:05:52
Publisher: Google Cloud
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