Vantage Data Centers Expands in Asia-Pacific with Two New Acquisitions

Vantage Data Centers recently announced that it is going to expand in the Asia-Pacific market via two acquisitions. An additional contribution of $1.5 billion in equity capital has been made by Vantage’s major stakeholders including DigitalBridge Investment Management. Vantage is going to provide data center services in Osaka, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Melbourne, to cloud and large enterprise customers.

Vantage Data Centers recently acquired Agile Data Centers, a data center provider in the Asia-Pacific region, and developing the greenfield hyperscale campuses totaling 168MW of critical IT load in Tokyo, Melbourne, and Osaka. Secondly, the data center portfolio of PCCW Ltd. (PCCW DC), will become a part of Vantage by the time of transaction closing, as announced by DataBridge previously. The closing is expected to take place in the fourth quarter of 2021 subject to customary closing conditions.

Photo Sureel Choksi, president and CEO, Vantage Data Centers
“Following successful expansions throughout the United States, Canada and Europe over the past three years, we are expanding to Asia Pacific to better serve customers on a global basis,” said Sureel Choksi, president and CEO, Vantage Data Centers.

Talking about DigitalBridge, it is a digital infrastructure REIT. The organization has a history of more than 25 years in investing and operating businesses over the digital ecosystem including cell towers, edge infrastructure, data centers, and fiber.

Talking about PCCW DC, it is one of the leading data center businesses with approximately 100MW of existing and expandable critical IT load over multiple facilities in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Giles Proctor, who was previously serving as the president and co-founder of Agile Data Centers, will be serving as the president of Vantage’s APAC business. In addition to that, he will be overseeing the team that will consist of almost 150 employees right after the closing of the PCCW DC transaction. On the other hand, Brian Groen, former senior Vice President of data centers at PCCW DC, will join as the senior vice president, APAC, at Vantage, upon closing.

DigitalBridge Investment Management Official’s Take

The senior managing director at DigitalBridge Management Investment, Jon Mauck, said that as they continue to create a global data infrastructure platform, they have recognized a strategic opportunity to combine the market penetration, expertise, and strengths of the two valuable portfolio companies including Vantage and Agile, along with the established foothold of PCCW DC to serve customers in the rapidly growing regions.

Mr. Mauck further said that the Vantage team has already proven across Europe and North America that it is highly skilled at taking complete leverage of both acquisitions and greenfield opportunities to quickly become a leading provider in the new markets.

Vantage’s APAC Business President’s Take

The newly appointed President at Vantage‘s APAC business, Giles Proctor, said that he and his team are more than excited to join the global Vantage family for the purpose of expansion of the combined company’s presence in the Asia Pacific region.

Mr. Proctor also said that the integration offers additional key markets to their customers in which they can do business with trusted partners who bring in-country knowledge and a commitment to building and operating sustainably designed high-quality data center facilities.