Vapor IO Unveils Software-Driven Data Center Services Offering

Vapor IO has unveiled its Kinetic Grid platform, a software-driven, intelligent and automated data center infrastructure solution specifically designed to lower the cost and complexity of edge-to-edge applications. Inspired by the vision of the Open Grid Alliance, Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid Platform delivers autonomous, intelligent infrastructure capable of supporting edge and grid services.

The company’s Kinetic Grid platform offers AI-driven, real-time applications working between locally distributed sites, enabling cross-market edge-to-edge private backbone connectivity via Zayo’s dark fiber network. It is tightly integrated with public and private first and last mile networks.

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid facilitates the implementation of public and private 5G networks to enable wireless connection and Industry 4.0 applications across shared infrastructure, as well as cloud providers, CDNs, IoT, and immersive entertainment applications.

“Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform is the only technology and operational platform designed to deliver programmatic intelligence and sub-millisecond latencies,” said Cole Crawford, CEO and founder of Vapor IO. “The Kinetic Grid provides the automated neutral-host infrastructure necessary to eliminate backhaul costs and implement low-latency services like factory robotics and 5G RAN.”

The Open Grid Alliance is a member-supported cooperation organization that develops vendor-neutral solutions for re-architecting the Internet with grid topologies required for global scaling. Dell Technologies, DriveNets, MobiledgeX, PacketFabric, Vapor IO, and VMware are among the founding members of the Open Grid Alliance, with other firms and contributors invited to join.

Software-Driven Networking, Colocation, Interconnection

Cole Crawford, CEO and founder of Vapor IO
“The Kinetic Grid provides the automated neutral-host infrastructure necessary to eliminate backhaul costs and implement low-latency services like factory robotics and 5G RAN,” said Cole Crawford, CEO and founder of Vapor IO.

The Kinetic Grid platform is based on Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge design, which has been implemented in 36 cities across the United States and combines software-driven networking, colocation, interconnection, and intelligence into a holistic, carrier-neutral platform. Customers can certify once and deploy anywhere because of its platform-level integration.

To deliver both reactive and intent-based services, the complexity and demands of edge-to-edge applications would necessitate automation. The Kinetic Grid platform provides software-controlled infrastructure, real-time telemetry, and intelligence through application programming interfaces (APIs).

The Kinetic Grid platform is now accessible in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Pittsburgh, and will soon be available in Las Vegas and Phoenix, according to Vapor IO. To accommodate client demand, the company is aggressively deploying in 36 U.S. markets, with additional markets coming up on a regular basis.

Zayo’s Fiber Infrastructure

Customers may connect to numerous markets with dedicated, high-capacity backbones using the Kinetic Grid technology, which combines Zayo fiber across markets. Zayo is one of the world’s largest network and backbone service providers, with 126,000 route miles of fiber connecting 400 worldwide markets. Vapor IO’s software-defined network fully integrates Zayo’s fiber infrastructure, enabling Kinetic Grid markets to programmatically provision private backbones.

Vapor IOs software defined networking and interconnection services are an ideal fit with Zayo’s high-performance fiber network,” said Joel Daly, senior vice president, Product and Innovation at Zayo. “Our dark fiber solutions provide dedicated infrastructure, including paths that are optimized for latency. Kinetic Grid platform customers will benefit from high-capacity, flexibility and control.”