Varnish Integrates Its Edge Cloud into Intel Select Solutions

Varnish Software is now partnering with Intel to integrate their Edge Cloud software with Intel Select Solutions for Visual Cloud Delivery Network. The Intel Select Solution is a validated, deployment-ready reference architecture and specification for a high-performance CDN and is workload-optimized for critical live streaming and video-on-demand (VoD) use cases across vRAN, NFVi and CDN environments.

The solution blueprint would help OEMs, SIs and CoSPs meet the challenge of increasing networking demands across increasingly diverse network environments, offering a complete solution that simplifies and accelerates deployments while lowering TCO.

Photo Lynn Comp
“The integration of Varnish Edge Cloud into the Intel Select Solution for Visual Cloud Delivery Network helps customers accelerate CDN time to deployment,” said Lynn Comp, Intel.

Varnish Edge Cloud technology, as a part of the Intel Select Solution, can provide up to 200Gbps throughput per node. This industry-leading performance would translate to as many as 40,000 simultaneous users streaming HD video encoded at 5Mbps.

“By offering this blueprint for a software-optimized, high-performance CDN, we’re shortening deployment times and bringing much-needed agility for operating in a busy and competitive environment,” said Lars Larsson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Varnish Software. “Meeting increasing network demands while growing revenue requires service providers to transform their networks and keep costs low. Integrating our Edge Cloud software into the solution does just this, giving CoSPs the power to move content delivery to the edge of their networks and build services more tuned to today’s critical streaming workloads.”

“With the highest throughput numbers available industry-wide, Varnish’s pedigree and high-performance content distribution technology is a key part of the solution, and we’re excited to continue working alongside Intel to solve emerging CDN and Edge Compute challenges,” added Mr. Larsson.

One and Two Socket Configurations

The complete solution design is specified for both one and two socket configurations, and combines Varnish technology with:

  • 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors that are optimized for multi-cloud and AI, serving many workloads with built-in acceleration and advanced security capabilities
  • Intel Optane persistent memory 200 series, ideal for live streaming CDNs for increased memory per node and lower TCO
  • PCI-e Gen 4 for faster I/O
  • Intel NVMe SSDs with performance and cost optimizations for VoD caching
  • Built-in Crypto and AI acceleration for up to 200Gb/s of encrypted content delivery and CDN/Edge Analytics
  • Intel Server GPU for higher density transcoding
  • Intel Ethernet Network Adapter E810 for application-specific, uncontended, smooth-flowing traffic

“The Intel Select Solution for Visual Cloud Delivery Network (CDN) is specifically designed to address the increase in visual workloads, such as live streaming and video on demand,” said Lynn Comp, Vice President, Data Platforms Group, General Manager, Visual Infrastructure Division & NPG Strategy, Intel. “The integration of Varnish Edge Cloud into the Intel Select Solution for Visual Cloud Delivery Network helps customers accelerate CDN time to deployment to more quickly bring high-quality streaming experiences to vast audiences, while providing cost advantages.”

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