Vaultive Announces the Launch of Its Cloud Access Security Broker Platform

Vaultive, an innovator in cloud data security, has announced the launch of its cloud access security broker (CASB) platform. The CASB platform would introduce new cloud data security capabilities and a Cloud Integration Studio for rapid integration with new cloud services.

The new cloud access security broker platform would offer customers a unified cloud security approach that can address diverse needs across their entire Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription-base.

vaultive cloud security“During the last 12 months, we’ve seen customer interest shift from point security solutions for specific SaaS platforms to a unified security approach for all IT-sanctioned cloud applications,” said Ben Matzkel, founder and CTO of Vaultive. “Our next-generation architecture was built from the ground up to address this market need by giving customers a much wider array of cloud security capabilities and the flexibility to protect mainstream, niche, and custom cloud applications.”

The Vaultive platform features a multi-mode architecture that would be capable of operating as an inline proxy and interfacing with SaaS provider security and visibility APIs. The new architecture would introduce a broad set of cloud data security capabilities, including:

  • Cloud Application Privilege Management – An application-aware policy engine would enforce user privileges consistently across SaaS applications – with granularity that would exceed the native controls offered by other cloud service providers.
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention – A data-inspection engine monitors information being transmitted to the cloud and performs actions such as selective data redaction or file block and quarantine based on data characteristics or data lookups against company data sources.
  • Alerting and Analytics – The same analysis engine that actively enforces security controls can passively log suspicious cloud activities and transmit to third party security information and event management (SIEM) and analytics tools.
  • Advanced Cloud Encryption – Industry-leading cloud encryption capabilities would protect both structured and unstructured data – with customer-controlled keys and support for advanced use cases like cross-platform encrypted email, file import/export, secured web chat, and field-level searchable encryption.

Vaultive’s new cloud data security platform is available immediately through Vaultive’s sales channels. Organizations interested in learning more can request a demo at

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