Veeam Company N2WS Expands Cost Optimization Options for AWS

N2WS, a Veeam company and provider of backup, recovery and disaster recovery solutions for Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift, has announced the availability of N2WS Backup & Recovery 2.5 (v2.5). The latest version of this software introduces Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Amazon Relational Database Service resource management and control.

Using the new N2WS Resource Control, organizations would be able to lower costs by stopping or hibernating groups of Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS resources on-demand or automatically, based on a pre-determined schedule.

“A good portion of our internal AWS bill is dedicated to Amazon EC2 compute resources, as much as 60 percent every month. A lot of these resources are not being used all the time,” said Uri Wolloch, CTO of N2WS. “Being able to simply power on or off groups of Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS resources with a simple mouse click is just like shutting the lights off when you leave the room or keeping your refrigerator door closed; it reduces waste and saves a huge amount of money if put into regular practice.”

New updates and enhancements now available as part of N2WS Backup & Recovery v2.5 would include:

  • Management of data storage and server instances from one simple console using N2WS Resource Control
  • Optimization enhancements to Amazon S3 integration, saving even more when cycling snapshots into an Amazon S3 repository
  • Added support for new AWS Regions – AWS Europe (Stockholm) and AWS GovCloud (US-East) Regions with cross-region DR between AWS GovCloud US-West and AWS GovCloud US-East now available
  • Expanded range of APIs allowing you to configure alerts and recovery targets
  • Full support for all available APIs via a new CLI tool

AWS Stockholm, AWS GovCloud US-East

N2WS Backup & Recovery v2.5 would further optimize the process for cycling Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots into the N2WS Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) repository, “extending costs saving to more than 60% for backups stored greater than 2 years.” N2WS v2.5 also supports two new AWS Regions: AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region and the new AWS GovCloud (US-East) Region.

For public sector organization leveraging the AWS GovCloud (US-East or US-West) Regions, N2WS v2.5 offers automated cross-region disaster recovery (DR) between the two AWS Regions. This would allow AWS GovCloud (US) users to orchestrate “near instant” recovery and disaster recovery (DR), while keeping data and workloads in approved data centers – “ensuring that workloads remain available in the event of a regional issue.”

For organizations leveraging the N2WS Amazon S3 repository, further compression and de-duplication enhancements would have pushed costs saving “above 60%” for data stored over longer terms. During simulations, monthly backups of an 8TB volume stored in the N2WS Amazon S3 repository for 2 years, would cost “68% less” than the same backups stored as native Amazon EBS snapshots.

These enhancements can help enterprises manage and significantly reduce cloud storage costs for backup data being retained for compliance reasons. N2WS Backup & Recovery is only available on AWS Marketplace.

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