Veeam Introduces Cirrus: Next-Gen BaaS for Azure and Microsoft 365

Veeam Software booth

Two new products from Veeam Software would combine the simplicity of Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) with “the assurance and reliability” of Veeam’s backup and restoring capabilities. Customers of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure may now use ‘Cirrus by Veeam,’ which would offer an “adaptable, reliable, and powerful” BaaS solution. It would allow businesses to streamline the management and administration of their backup operations.

In Q1 2024, Veeam plans to release an improved version of its BaaS product, which will be accessible through Veeam’s online shop, Microsoft Azure marketplace, and Veeam service providers.

According to Danny Allan, CTO of Veeam, “450,000 customers trust us to protect their business and keep it running, which has led us to become the #1 global provider of data protection and ransomware recovery. Those reliable capabilities are now available to clients as-a-service for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. Customers now have more options for how they want to utilize Veeam to safeguard their businesses – whether in the cloud, on-premises, or via a hybrid model – thanks to this new BaaS solution.”

Veeam acquired Cirrus from CT4, who created the cloud-native solution using Veeam’s ransomware recovery and data backup technology. Customers now have a variety of choices for using Veeam and managing their Azure and Microsoft 365 data:

  • Veeam’s New Cirrus – Provides a smooth, easy-to-use SaaS experience without requiring management of storage or infrastructure
  • Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 – Use Veeam’s pre-existing software solutions to manage the infrastructure and provide data protection for Azure and Microsoft 365
  • A backup solution provided by a partner of Veeam Cloud & solution Provider (VCSP) – based on the Veeam platform and enhanced with value-added services according to the provider’s field of competence

Cirrus for Microsoft 365

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, the top backup solution for the platform, is built upon by Cirrus for Microsoft 365, which is offered as-a-service. With software, infrastructure, and limitless storage combined into one all-in-one cloud service, it would streamline a customer’s backup strategy and enable businesses to take advantage of robust data protection and security technologies while maintaining a “smooth, user-friendly interface.”

  • Reliable and trustworthy technology – strong search capabilities, adaptable recovery options, and customizable backup
  • All-inclusive backup service – This option streamlines Microsoft 365 backup by offering all the necessary components at a single, affordable fee
  • Modern, secured, and user-friendly – No software has to be downloaded, no infrastructure needs to be maintained, and business-critical data is safeguarded with built-in immutability

Cirrus for Microsoft Azure

Owners are responsible for protecting data on Microsoft Azure, which would be subject to the same security risks and data loss as data on other platforms. Cirrus for Microsoft Azure is a pre-configured, completely hosted solution that offers reliable, tested backup and recovery.

  • Fast ROI – Reduce installation, patching, and misconfiguration time-to-value by eliminating roadblocks
  • Enterprise-readiness – Utilize best practices in backup, security, and finance operations inside an Azure Well-Architected Framework service
  • Reliability – native protection that is comprehensive, with the most adjustable RPOs and recovery to any location


Now accessible via the Azure Marketplace and all current Veeam and Cirrus distribution channels, Veeam’s Cirrus will soon be extended to include Veeam’s other routes-to-market. Early in 2024, Veeam BaaS will launch its new, fully integrated services.