Velostrata Cloud Migration Platform Helps Accelerate Migration of Existing SAP Software Deployments to SAP HANA

Velostrata, a cloud migration and workload mobility software provider making it possible to move enterprise workloads from on-premises or colocation data centers to the cloud, has announced availability of its solution designed to accelerate migration of enterprise SAP software landscapes to public cloud infrastructure like AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Velostrata’s agentless, streaming-based approach is designed to migrate SAP software landscapes to the cloud in a matter of minutes, without the sync or cutover challenges that exist with agent-based replication solutions. With the Velostrata cloud migration platform, the application instances are moved first, while data streams in the background.

cloud migration velostrata“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with SAP to help enable and simplify migrations to SAP HANA, while supporting data integrity,” said Ady Degany, co-founder and CTO of Velostrata. “Our unique cloud migration platform is optimal for moving multi-tier workloads like those running in SAP ERP, for example. By helping organizations migrate existing SAP software environments, we’re enabling them to reap the benefits of SAP HANA while reducing datacenter hardware refresh and storage upgrade costs.”

Velostrata’s WAN optimizations, de-duplication and multi-tier caching would help ensure that the application performs normally. Benefits of using the Velostrata platform to move SAP software landscapes to the cloud would include:

  • Improved Migration Predictability – Because data does not need to be migrated first, the Velostrata platform makes it possible to queue migrations, helping ensure that testing windows can be easily scheduled.
  • Automated Migration – Velostrata’s Runbook Automation tool schedules and executes migration of multi-tier applications to help ensure proper instantiation in the cloud.
  • Live Cloud Testing with ‘Test Clone’ – Users of SAP software can click-to-test any workload in the cloud, typically in under five minutes, without taking production applications offline.
  • Minimal Downtime – Velostrata has succeeded in having workloads up and running in the cloud in just minutes per server.

“Helping our customers ease the migration of SAP ERP workloads on-premise to SAP HANA in cloud is a priority for SAP,” said Stephan Reichart, VP of Cloud & Lifecycle Management Software Logistics at SAP. “Using the Velostrata solution with SAP’s standard upgrade and migration tool can help customers reduce the downtime, complexity and completion times associated with these migrations.”

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