Velostrata’s Cloud Workload Mobility Software Now Available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Velostrata, a provider of cloud workload mobility, has announced availability in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This gives Azure customers easy access to Velostrata’s cloud workload mobility software, enabling them to “speed and simplify use cases like cloud migration, bursting, and dev/test.”

Velostrata’s patent-pending workload streaming technology makes it possible to move or clone on-premises workloads into Azure within a matter of minutes, instead of the days or weeks required with traditional cloud migration tools.

“Enterprises are rapidly adopting Microsoft Azure to improve business agility and reduce their data center footprint,” said Issy Ben-Shaul, CEO and co-founder of Velostrata. “From Azure Marketplace, organizations can quickly deploy Velostrata’s free tier to test how the software can speed and simplify migration and hybrid cloud initiatives.”

Velostrata software is available for Linux and Windows in the Azure Marketplace with a free tier for evaluation, and it scales on a pay-as-you-go model.

Mass Migration

The ability to move workloads “quickly and easily” to Azure would give organizations the following business advantages:

  • Cost Savings – Avoid colocation renewals and associated management costs, reduce data center footprint, take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing for non-24×7 applications, and avoid double paying for infrastructure by shortening migration windows.
  • Faster Time to Market – Clone production workloads and test the clones in the cloud without disrupting the execution of the production workloads.
  • Improve Agility – Leverage compute on demand to burst stateful applications to the cloud to address resource bottlenecks, and bring workloads back on-premises in minutes, when additional compute or capacity is no longer needed.

How it works

cloud workload mobility velostrataVelostrata software decouples compute from storage in virtualized workloads, while controlling and automating where storage resides – in the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both. Patent-pending real-time streaming would ensure workloads run in the cloud in minutes, while deduplication, caching, and other WAN optimizations would ensure full application performance despite the WAN ‘gap’ between compute in the cloud and data on-premises.

Velostrata is agentless, and it automatically adapts workloads to run in the cloud target. System management would be easy via a vCenter plugin or REST API.

Why Velostrata is Different

Velostrata hosted on Azure would offer unique capabilities, including:

  • Test Before Migration – Velostrata’s Test Clone feature makes it possible to move an exact clone of any workload to Azure in minutes, without taking production applications offline.
  • Run in the Cloud in Minutes – When ready to migrate, Velostrata moves the actual instances of virtual machines to Azure in minutes. Data is transferred in the background while the application runs, and any changes to data are captured in the cloud, so there is no complicated syncing or cutover.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Velostrata would enable organizations to quickly burst compute to the cloud and retain storage on-premises while maintaining application performance over the WAN.
  • Mass Migration Support – Deduplication and WAN optimizations make it possible to move hundreds of virtual machines simultaneously to the cloud over modest bandwidth links.
  • Safety Net – With Velostrata, IT managers can roll back individual workloads on-premises in minutes.

“Organizations across the globe are seeing the agility benefits and cost savings that are available with Microsoft Azure,” said Andrea Carl, director, commercial communications, Microsoft. “Velostrata software helps to ease the cloud journey for customers, from testing applications on Azure, to helping with application migration on the Azure platform.”

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