Veriflow Announces General Availability of Its Updated Verification Solution for Hybrid Cloud Networks

Veriflow, a company providing solutions that predict outages before they impact the business, and vulnerabilities before they are exploited, has announced the general availability of its “innovative,” updated Continuous Network Verification platform.

The Veriflow platform would reduce OPEX by automating manual processes and freeing up network resources to focus on more strategic tasks. It would also improve compliance by dynamically mapping, automatically documenting and auditing the network.

cloud networking packetfabric“With the shift toward IBN, or intent-based networking, networking teams will quickly recognize how essential continuous network verification is; it is a game-changing innovation and a leap forward for the industry,” said James Brear, president and CEO of Veriflow. “Since our public launch in November 2016, Veriflow has innovated aggressively, grown its customer base, received industry recognition from Barclays and RSA, and was named a Gartner Cool Vendor.”

The innovations in Veriflow‘s updated Continuous Network Verification platform include the following:

  • CloudPredict
- The rapid growth of cloud adoption would increase the chances of misconfigurations that lead to network security vulnerabilities, compliance risk and application downtime. Organizations would be balancing the benefits of public-cloud adoption with compromises in control, resilience, availability and security. Veriflow’s new technology allows organizations to verify hybrid networks spanning public clouds and on-premises infrastructure. With Veriflow CloudPredict, now available for Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), networking and security operations teams can gain visibility into hybrid networks. The end-to-end network-state awareness provides insights that enable organizations to take action to “securely” manage mission-critical workloads and protect sensitive data, whether it is in physical, virtual or cloud environments.
  • Automated Intent Inference
- Ever-growing complex networks can be prone to vulnerabilities and outages induced by human error. By intelligently inferring business goals with zero input from the user, Veriflow’s Intent Inference automates thousands of network-wide checks that assure network availability, resilience and protection, and pinpoints network misconfigurations that can result in outages and security vulnerabilities.
  • Preflight
Veriflow – Preflight allows users to run a ‘what-if’ scenario analysis during the planning process before making a network change. This analysis predicts how changes to a device may affect network behavior, filling in a missing step in network management workflow to remove the risk changes may cause.
  • Dynamic Diff
Veriflow – Dynamic Diff compares any two snapshots of the network and identifies changes for planning, analysis and compliance purposes. This innovation would provide complete visibility into and graceful management of changes to the network, “speeding up troubleshooting and reconciliation of network behavior.”

Together, these new capabilities would allow networking and security teams to automatically gain a baseline understanding of the totality of their network, even across cloud virtual networks and multi-vendor on-premises networks. This understanding would enable teams to bring a DevOps-style workflow to networks.