Veritas Technologies Launches Information Management Solutions for Google Cloud Platform

Veritas Technologies, a provider of information management solutions, has announced support for Google Cloud Platform with its NetBackup 7.7 and Backup Exec 15 solutions. Organizations can utilize the Google public cloud as a backup destination, run back up and perform disaster recovery to or from the Google Cloud Platform. With this support, Veritas would be delivering visibility and control for hybrid cloud environments. 

“Our Hybrid Cloud research shows that 31% of organizations are already looking to the cloud for their backup and recovery workload, and that percentage will grow even more in the future,” said Ben Gibson, CMO of Veritas Technologies. “Integrating our market leading NetBackup and Backup Exec solutions with Google Cloud Platform gives organizations the ability to confidently and securely do this today.” 

NetBackup v7.7 

google cloud platformVeritas NetBackup 7.7 supports Google Cloud Storage Nearline with enterprise-grade capabilities. The combination enables use of cloud storage as an alternative to tape, when choosing long-term storage of backup data. It also allows backup of large volumes of data at a low cost, while providing access to it at any time and anywhere.

Utilizing the NetBackup OpenStorage Technology (OST) layer, NetBackup would easily monitor and manage data protection both on-premises and to private and public clouds. Regardless of location – disk, tape, or cloud – NetBackup lifecycle management capabilities manage when and how information is moved from online disk to Google Cloud Storage.

NetBackup v7.7 would greatly enhance the performance and interoperability of backups directed to cloud storage services, such as Google Cloud Storage. One of the innovative capabilities of NetBackup, Auto Image Replication (AIR), provides a unique capability to extend disaster recovery to the cloud by efficiently replicating and managing catalog and backup data from multiple locations to a secure cloud environment. 

Backup Exec 15

Veritas Backup Exec 15, data protection designed for mid sized organizations, would deliver flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery for the entire IT infrastructure regardless of platform: virtual, physical and cloud.

Backup Exec 15 supports Google Cloud Storage Standard and Durable Reduced Availability Storage. This would create compelling advantages for organizations implementing agile IT to improve availability and reduce risks and costs. Backup Exec 15 can be deployed on-premises and in-the-cloud for disk-to-disk-to-cloud and direct-to-cloud backups.