Vertical and horizontal autoscaling on Kubernetes Engine

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Critter Junction’s traffic is set to increase exponentially, and their current infrastructure can’t meet their traffic needs. In this episode of Season of Scale, Carter Morgan shows you how to leverage Google Kubernetes Engine vertical and horizontal autoscaling to better manage workloads, or to modify resources provisioned to an individual service. Watch to learn how vertical and horizontal scaling can help you make easily scalable applications!

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
1:43 – Cluster Autoscaling
2:10 – Horizontal vs. Vertical scaling
2:37 – Vertical Pod Autoscaling
3:18 – Conclusion

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Product: Application Architecture, HPA, VPA, CA; fullname: Carter Morgan;

Duration: 00:04:00
Publisher: Google Cloud
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