Rob Johnson
“These data center technologies from Switch add more tools to our toolbox,” said Rob Johnson, CEO of Vertiv.

Vertiv, a company with a portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions employing around 20,000 people globally, has announced the completion of a licensing agreement for Switch‘s “revolutionary” hot and cold aisle containment technology and cooling systems.

The licenses for Switch’s modular data center technology expand Vertiv’s portfolio of thermal management and integrated infrastructure solutions for large enterprise, micro colocation, and edge data centers. These licenses cover Switch’s patented Exterior Wall Penetrating Multi-Mode HVAC units, known as the TSC, and the hot and cold aisle containment technology recognized as the Chimney Pod or Switch T-SCIF. As part of the licensing agreement, Vertiv has secured its first license to construct Switch’s Tier 5 Platinum modular data center solution called Switch MOD.

“We are excited to add innovative new technology options to help our customers ensure availability and optimize performance across today’s increasingly large and complex cloud and colocation facilities,” said Rob Johnson, CEO of Vertiv. “These environments require a broad spectrum of creative solutions, and these technologies from Switch add more tools to our toolbox.”

Aisle Containment Technologies

Switch hot and cold aisle containment technologies would enable the industry’s highest cabinet power densities and best audited power efficiency scores. Rob Roy began inventing Switch’s technologies in the early 2000s and holds more than 600 issued and pending patent claims. Switch has obtained regular patent allowances from the United States Patent and Trademark office.

“This licensing agreement of Switch‘s industry-leading patented designs presents a tremendous opportunity to expand the footprint of the highest-rated technology infrastructure,” said Rob Roy, CEO and founder of Switch. “We are pleased to enter into this agreement with Vertiv, whose reputation as an innovative, global leader in designing, building and servicing data center critical infrastructure is unparalleled.”


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