Vertiv Introduces Data Center Rack Cooling System for Edge Deployments

vertivVertiv, one of the world’s largest data center solutions vendors headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA and employing 20,000 people globally, has introduced new and upgraded thermal management products – headlined by the new Vertiv VRC rack cooling system, designed to fit easily into racks in small server rooms, network closets and similar edge computing environments.

The Vertiv VRC rack cooling system delivers 3.5 kW of IT cooling for data center cabinets, “uniquely” deploying load-matching, variable-capacity compressors and fans. It comes in three heat rejection options: a self-contained configuration, with options for room or ceiling plenum heat rejection discharge, and a split system using a refrigerant loop and outdoor condenser.

Vertiv has also introduced enhancements to their ceiling-mounted Liebert Mini-Mate precision cooling system, the Liebert DCD rear door heat exchanger, and the Liebert DSE free-cooling economization system. The Liebert Mini-Mate, for small IT and edge spaces, would use “30 percent” less energy than previous models, feature variable capacity compressors and fans, and Liebert iCOM for remote monitoring & control. The Liebert DCD Active is a powered fan unit for high-density rear rack doors and supports capacities up to 50kW per data center rack without significant modifications to existing data center infrastructure. Liebert DSE Optimization is a control enhancement that would increase unit efficiency “by up to 50 percent.”

“The edge of the network is increasingly critical, requiring IT infrastructure solutions that deliver higher levels of visibility, control and performance,” said John Schneider, vice president and general manager, Thermal Management, Vertiv. “With the introduction today of the Vertiv VRC and important enhancements to the Liebert Mini-Mate, we are delivering best-in-class capabilities to ensure reliable, efficient cooling of today’s smaller IT spaces.”

Remote Monitoring, Management

The ceiling-mounted Liebert Mini-Mate features remote monitoring, management and alarm troubleshooting, available through an integrated iCOM CMS Monitoring and Control System. The iCOM CMS can be accessed through building management systems, secured desktops or a mobile app. The Liebert Mini-Mate is available in 3, 4 and 5 ton configurations. It is available now in the U.S.

The Liebert DCD Active unit uses powered fans to pull server exhaust air through the data center rack to increase capacity. It can operate with the rear-door Liebert DCD, a passive chilled water heat exchanger. Used separately or together, the two offerings would deliver clear access to rack equipment and are suitable for hot aisle/cold aisle and irregular data center configurations. Liebert DCD Active will be available in February in the U.S

Vertiv’s Liebert DSE Optimization is an enhancement to the controls used by the cooling unit, providing finer tuning of liquid refrigerant temperature and pressure set-points, leading to a reduction in power consumption by condenser fans during mid-to-high outdoor ambient temperatures.