VEXXHOST from Canada Adds New Cloud Region in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Canadian cloud computing provider, VEXXHOST, has announced a significant revamp in its public cloud offerings. It includes setting up new servers equipped with 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors and NVMe storage in the Montreal region. It also includes the launch of a frontline data center in Amsterdam.  


VEXXHOST’s new Amsterdam cloud region will feature all the latest hardware announced. It will be running on OpenStack’s latest release, Victoria. This data center would also boast advanced network security, energy efficiency, and global connectivity.

VEXXHOST’s new servers equipped with 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors would feature the following processor specs:

  • Driven by AMD Infinity Architecture
  • First x86 architecture processor for servers based on 7nm process technology
  • Up to 64 high-performance cores per SOC
  • Equipped with AMD Infinity Guard and PCIe Gen 4 I/O security features
  • Hybrid, multi-die architecture

From SSD to NVMe

The company has upgraded storage from SSD to NVMe, offering one of the fastest hard drives now to its public cloud users. It would also feature faster parallel read and write capabilities.

“Using Ceph, we made the switch from SSD to NVMe possible without any downtime,” says Mohammed Naser, CEO of VEXXHOST. “The only change our users felt was in terms of better performance and speed after the switch.”