Viatel Buys Sungard Ireland’s Cloud Services Business

Sungard AS booth

Sungard Availability Services (Ireland) has been acquired by Viatel Technology Group. With a rising clientele of international clients, this deal would put Viatel in a unique position as a complete supplier of cloud, connectivity, cybersecurity, and digital transformation solutions in the Irish market.

In a recent announcement, Viatel said that 50 new jobs will be created as the company significantly broadens its cybersecurity portfolio. The company’s presence in current and adjacent markets is further increased by the purchase of Sungard AS’ sizeable international client base, cloud computing capabilities, and data center sites in Park West and Profile Park.  Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“Viatel is focused on executing a bold vision to deliver digital transformation with the greatest positive impact for our enterprise customer base globally,” stated Paul Rellis, CEO of Viatel Technology Group. “From bases in Ireland, the US, and India, Sungard AS provides cutting-edge and essential services. We welcome the team to Viatel and are thrilled to bring this worldwide client base, reach, impact, and experience under the Viatel Technology Group banner. We are adding key skills to Viatel’s current expertise in Microsoft Azure, private cloud, and physical data center solutions by gaining capabilities in AWS public cloud services architecture, high performance computing, and private cloud. We have essentially become a ‘one stop cloud shop’ now.”

8 Acquisitions Since 2020

“I am thrilled that our customers serviced out of Ireland will continue to receive the great service they have come to expect from our Irish Team, all of whom will be joining Viatel,” said Mike Robinson, CEO of Sungard AS New Holdings. “We wish Viatel’s leadership great success for both the Irish clients and our coworkers. I am convinced it will continue. The team in Ireland has developed a really solid connection with customers over the years.”

The acquisition will be supported by Patrick Morley, who oversees Sungard AS’s operations in EMEA, in order to ensure a smooth transition and the continuation of services for the company’s current clients. “Sungard AS serves an impressive range of national and international enterprise customers based out of Ireland,” Patrick Morley said in response to the acquisition news. “Our customers are used to receiving top-notch service from a reputable technology partner. I’m thrilled that Viatel Technology Group will continue to provide its clients services and innovations of the highest caliber.”

Viatel has made eight acquisitions since 2020. In that time, the enterprise connectivity company claims to have become a “cutting-edge” digital technology partner, empowering over 4,000 Irish and international clients. This has been accomplished through strategic acquisitions and internally developed capabilities. With more than 310 people after this most recent acquisition, Viatel anticipates yearly sales to surpass €90 million.

AIB Capital Markets has backed the group’s growth plan, which includes this acquisition deal. Viatel Technology Group’s legal guidance was provided by Venture Legal Services.