ViaWest Deploys Rubrik’s Data Management Platform as Part of Its Hybrid IT Offerings

ViaWest, a provider of hybrid IT solutions and colocation in North America, has announced a partnership with Rubrik. The partnership will enable ViaWest to deploy Rubrik’s data management platform to ViaWest clients.

By deploying Rubrik as part of ViaWest’s comprehensive hybrid IT solutions, customers would be able to simplify their data protection and speed their time to recovery, all through a seamless integration. 

viawest hybrid it solutions“ViaWest is continually seeking out advanced technologies that will provide our clients with the best Hybrid IT Solutions available,” said Andrew Hodes, vice president of development at ViaWest. “With security and recovery at the top of organizations’ priority list this year, we’re excited to be able to partner with Rubrik to deliver even more sophisticated data protection and backup to clients that rely on our cutting edge infrastructure and solutions.”

Key benefits for clients deploying Rubrik with ViaWest would include:

  • Infrastructure Simplicity – Rubrik’s approach to data protection takes multi-tier, legacy architectures and converges them into a scale out appliance that would provide immediate return on capital expenditure.
  • Rapid Deployment – Implementation of the solution would take minutes rather than months. Once the solution is deployed, daily administration would be reduced from hours to minutes, and recovery would take seconds rather than days.
  • Enhanced Recovery – With Rubrik, data can be recovered or made accessible to applications in near real time, regardless of where it is stored.
  • Streamlined Management – Administrators would be able to automate and orchestrate data seamlessly throughout the hybrid cloud. An API-first architecture would offer ease of automation for integration into existing applications or tools.
  • Reliable Security – Data owners can rely on Rubrik for role based access controls, audit trails and security for data in-flight and at rest. Rubrik also offers FIPS 140 Level 2 security for physical security.

Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform radically simplifies Data Protection while managing and securing data across hybrid cloud environments,” said Bipul Sinha, CEO of Rubrik. “We share ViaWest’s vision to bring cloud to the enterprise, and are excited to be part of ViaWest’s standard Hybrid IT Solution.”

ViaWest’s hybrid IT solutions help clients enhance their business through cloud, colocation, security and consulting services. Delivering a host of data security, compliance, backup and disaster recovery solutions, ViaWest is committed to ensuring clients are fully protected and able to continue business operations in the event of an incident.

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