Video Course: See IoT in Action with Microsoft

Visit our IoT in Action with Microsoft video hub ( and learn from Microsoft IoT experts on where we are heading with the internet of things (IoT,) how to capitalize your internet of things (IoT) investment, how to build a world-class internet of things (IoT) solution from scratch, and more. We have two immersive learning tracks with 10 courses designed for both business and technical IoT practitioners.

Course details:
• IoT Value Chain & Opportunities
• A Brief Introduction to the Future
• The Evolution of IoT and where it is headed
• Anatomy of an IoT Solution
• Anatomy of an IoT Solution – Deep Dive
• Building a World Class IoT Solution
• Capitalizing on your IoT Investments
• Device to Cloud Security
• Predictive Maintenance using Machine Learning
• Learnings from the IoT Ecosystem

Start learning today:

Duration: 1:7
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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