Video Interview: Talking Hyperscale, Cybersecurity and Multi-Cloud with Juniper Networks

Market shares of hyperscale cloud providers are growing fast, but their network infrastructure requirements are a bit different from the rest. These companies are setting the trend from ‘scale up’ to ‘scale out’ network architectures, but what does it mean exactly for the data center and hosting market at large? had a video interview with Juniper Networks addressing this topic. In this conversation with Jitender Garg, Senior Partner Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks, at the vendor’s EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam, we ask him about ‘scale out’ architectures and how the adoption by hyperscalers is impacting the enterprise market as well as the market for local cloud service providers (CSPs).

Another topic being addressed in this interview includes ‘multi-cloud network architectures’ and the issues to be solved when setting up a professional multi-cloud network. Next to that, Mr. Garg highlights the subject of intent-based networking, a solution catering to current network requirements with regards to cybersecurity and network protection.

In the background you can hear the soft sound of Juniper’s EMEA Customer Briefing Data Center with Juniper products being showcased, for the customers who want to see for themselves what Juniper Networks has in store when it comes to scale-out architectures, network protection, and multi-cloud networking.