JUGs Tour around Brazil Celebrating 20 Years of Java

Kelvion New Plate Heat Exchanger

Jelastic visited as many JUGs in Brazil as we could during the Java20 tour celebrating 20 years of Java. It was especially apparent that the Java community in Brazil is very active, passionate and filled with incredibly talented programmers working on a variety of revolutionary projects. Special thanks to Bruno Souza, Edson Yanaga, Bruno Borges, Steven Chin, Alessandro Jannuzzi, Ot√°vio Santana and Cassio Scozzafave for joining our tour! ūüôā

More details and photos can be found in our blog post http://blog.jelastic.com/2015/07/16/jug-tour-around-brazil-summary/

Duration: 2:43
Publisher: Jelastic Cloud
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