Vingle: Monolith to Serverless Microservices [Korean]

Nowadays Microservice Architecture has become more than just a technical decision. It’s a necessity in a rapidly changing business market, such as in IT startups. In this episode of This is My Architecture (, Kurt Lee, Tech Lead at Vingle, will talk about how Vingle approached this huge task of converting a giant monolith app to microservices, as a startup with a small team. Specifically, in a gradual and moderate manner without breaking everything. He’ll also share how they leveraged Severless Services like DynamoDB, Lambda, Cloudsearch during this process. Most importantly, we’ll see how those things led Vingle to build an environment that allows developers to focus on “development”.

Host: Kevin Kim, SA Manager
Speaker: Kurt Lee, Tech Lead

Duration: 6:38
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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