Virtual Meetup: Advanced Threat Hunting & Monitoring with Elastic APM

Aligning security and risk management to the business strategy is imperative in driving value. With a “yes, and here’s how” attitude, CISO’s organization has now become a trusted advisor to the business enabled with preventative, detective, and responsive solutions.

Tools such as application performance monitoring (APM) can shed light on the components that make up the organization’s DNA including the current COVID-19 impact and the need for a distributed workforce.

With Elastic APM, a business can monitor the performance of applications deployed anywhere within the business’s network. This information can then be used to improve search experiences, optimize software implementations, and advanced threat hunting capabilities.

In this virtual meetup, we will be discussing on Capgemini and Elastic’s industry view and highlighting APM and unlocking the possibilities it can bring to a business via the Elastic stack.

Duration: 00:51:58
Publisher: Elastic
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