Virtual Meetup: Building a COVID-19 Dashboard for Non-Programmers + Inside the COVID-19 data

This session comprises of two talks by community members, catering to audience of varying tech skills.

Talk 1: Building a COVID-19 Dashboard for Non-Programmers
We will use Kibana to build a Covid-19 dashboard using the “Upload CSV” feature. The dashboard will feature tables, bar charts, line graphs and pie charts. We will use existing publicly available data and show easy it is to build and share dashboards

Talk 2: Inside the COVID-19 data
Afterwards, we will talk about the internals of Elasticsearch and how to use a simple script to parse data online, define mappings and populate a time based index. This will be followed up by building a simple dashboard similar to Talk 1 and publishing it embedded in an external webpage online.

Duration: 01:37:31
Publisher: Elastic
You can watch this video also at the source.

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