Virtual Meetup: Multilingual Data & Search – Solving the Common Problems

It’s no secret: multilingual search is hard! Each language is unique. In some languages there is no whitespace between words, in others using the dictionary form of a word is essential to finding more relevant results. Your data can be in one or several languages or even worse, one document can be written in one or more languages. How do you maximize your chances of getting relevant results?

This 35min talk will cover some customer use case and the following challenges:

Keyword search in across languages (special emphasis on processing hard languages with examples from Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
Semantic search in and across languages
Searching for people, organization, locations names in and across languages
Available in default Elastic vs with plug-ins (ex: Rosette)

Duration: 00:50:27
Publisher: Elastic
You can watch this video also at the source.

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