Virtual Panel: Infrastructure Security for Remote Offices

As we are witnessing unprecedented changes in the way business is done, organizations are looking to adapt their IT to ensure operability, continuity, and efficiency. This adaptation also poses new security challenges, which require special attention by CTOs and CIOs.

The increase in network access points caused by remote offices may make businesses more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. With the right security policies and systems in place, businesses can eliminate the risk of network intrusion and data loss. However, many organizations struggle to do it right and do it fast.

In this virtual panel discussion, our EVP of Products William Bell, and the panelists from PacketWatch, Authentic8, and Make-A-Wish answer the burning questions regarding infrastructure security, address the emerging business challenges and provide advice on how to overcome them.

Guest speakers:
• Simon Taylor, Executive Vice President, PacketWatch
• Les Dunston, Head of Engineering and Infrastructure, Authentic8
• Brian Zaugg, Director of Authentic8 Labs
• Travis Gibson, Director of IT Infrastructure, Security & Operations, Make-A-Wish

Watch the video and learn:
• Best practices for setting up remote policies
• Layers of IT security you must have in place for remote work
• Cloud backup solutions for protecting your data
• Infrastructure and network security technologies
• Implementation strategies

Duration: 00:56:49
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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