Virtual Server Provider Iniz Adds New York, Los Angeles and Amsterdam to its VPS Data Center Locations

VPS server location data center Buffalo, New York

The virtual server (VPS) provider, formerly known as StormVZ is a young London, UK based hosting company that already has some data center presence in the UK and USA. Iniz has cemented its recent success by expanding into the two new territories of New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA in the USA, as well as Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Iniz is offering budget VPS and SSD VPS hosting services on its High RAM OpenVZ server platform aiming at business clients. Soon, the company will also launch managed VPS hosting services. The UK-based virtual server specialist already had USA data center presence in Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia. With the new expansion of data center presence, Iniz will further

Iniz’ Virtual Server Plans

Iniz offers a secured platform with a 256 bit secured SSL for all billing and VPS management tasks. They use enterprise nodes and drives, with hardware RAID10 for all servers. Servers have 2 x Gbit links on a dedicated port to ensure network speed is quick, also during peak times. The virtual server plans of Iniz are SSD Cached, powered by Dual E5-2620 CPUs.