A virtual server, also called a vps (virtual private server), might be the right hosting solution if you need fully isolated server space for relatively simple applications – like a mailserver or a blog. Some knowledge in this field will help to really make it an enjoyable experience. Cost-efficiency is an important asset of a virtual server, although we advise you not to deploy a hundred of this product. Server hungry applications might be served better with a cloud solution, which has all the benefits of virtual servers whereas cloud is more elastic/flexible and easy-to-scale.

Compared to dedicated hosting as well as cloud hosting, a virtual server is probably the best choice in terms of cost – for a hosting plan with root access and isolated server space. Yes, a virtual server is actually quite cheap. Also, the server usage efficiency of a virtual server is very good in comparison to a dedicated server whereas you still have all the administrative rights of an OS instance. If you need maximum server power and want to have full control over the server resources, then go for a dedicated server instead. Do you need more flexibility, a better redundancy and a broad range of incorporated specs, then think of a cloud server as your ideal option.

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