Virtualization Migration: A path to a place after VMware

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Broadcom is acquiring VMware. Now what? If your infrastructure runs on VMware, you need to answer that question. And for many, or even most companies, the answer is to find a “Plan B” for their virtualized workloads and private-cloud infrastructure. So what can you do?

Fortunately, OpenStack is a proven alternative to proprietary virtualization solutions such as VMware, but what is involved in migrating your existing workloads to an OpenStack environment?

In this webinar you’ll learn:
– Key factors to consider when planning a migration of a virtualized infrastructure
– The phases of a workload migration from end to end
– Challenges and limitations of this process and how to mitigate them

0:00 – Introductions & agenda
2:03 – Current state of the virtualization landscape
4:54 – Choices for your virtualization workloads
8:22 – Getting started: VM migration to OpenStack
11:21 – Overview of migration methods
13:47 – Workload migration process
15:34 – Step 1: discovery & planning
20:04 – Step 2: analysis & design
22:31 – Step 3: migration & validation
25:41 – What is needed for migration?
30:17 – Migration with Lift & Reshape
36:08 – Common VMware to OpenStack challenges
41:44 – Quick summary
44:55 – Live Q&A: How do you go about estimating a migration?
46:45 – Live Q&A: Why are live migrations not possible?
49:33 – Mirantis Workload Migration Service

Duration: 00:52:55
Publisher: Mirantis
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