VirtualWorks Launches Encrypted Enterprise Search Platform Built on Hitachi Solutions Technology

VirtualWorks, a global company that helps businesses organize, locate and manage their information, has launched an encrypted version of its ViaWorks solution – an encrypted enterprise search product developed with Hitachi‘s Searchable Encryption technology.

With the prevalence of self-service portals in Government and Health Care, online shopping and streaming media consumption, corporate governance and federal regulations, it is important to provide easy access to information and at the same time protect personal or sensitive data.

The encrypted version of ViaWorks, ViaWorks Secure is based on AES, a worldwide encryption standard established by NIST. ViaWorks Secure includes a special randomization process, which would make the encrypted data resistant to advanced statistical attacks. Therefore, attackers are unable to access data even if they are carrying out large numbers of guesses and tests upon the data, or by analyzing it from a statistical perspective.

hitachi-solutionsViaWorks provides key management and encryption APIs that store encryption keys “securely” and encrypt the original data, respectively. Users determine which field is encrypted, such as Index Files, Search Keyword or Transaction Logs. ViaWorks Secure would offer all the same benefits of the ViaWorks flagship product with additional encrypted protection including:

  • Unifying information-rich applications and databases such as SharePoint, Outlook, Dynamics, Alfresco, and others.
  • Providing users with a “seamless” search and retrieval experience inside every application with ViaWorks Secure’s search platform integration.
  • Delivering the information employees need to make decisions, serve customers and drive results, regardless of where it is stored, instantly.

“Organizations want to save money by moving their data to the cloud, but what they can’t afford is lax security or slow search times when they do,” said Robert Wescott, VP Global Marketing and Partnerships at VirtualWorks. “Now, for the first time, companies can deploy a commercial encrypted enterprise search solution to enable employees to quickly and securely search for content.”

Founded in 2009 by Ed Iacobucci, co-founder of Citrix Systems, VirtualWorks helps extract value from enterprise data.

Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, provides value-driven services throughout the IT life cycle from systems planning to systems integration, operation and maintenance.