Virtuozzo Hires New CTO Sergey Dobrovolsky from Acronis

Virtuozzo - boothSergey Dobrovolsky has been named Chief Technology Officer (CTO) by Virtuozzo, an alternative cloud platform that offers service providers comprehensive IaaS and PaaS cloud enablement solutions. Mr. Dobrovolsky formerly worked for cybersecurity firm Acronis, where he was the Vice President of Cybersecurity Infrastructure.

Millions of end users worldwide, hundreds of thousands of enterprises, and more than 600 service providers would rely on Virtuozzo’s hyper-converged infrastructure solutions to power their cloud and hosting services. In his capacity as the new CTO of Virtuozzo, Sergey Dobrovolsky oversees a 200-person product, engineering, and research and development team that will work to advance Virtuozzo solutions in order to provide businesses with the “highly effective and scalable” IT infrastructure required for the workloads of the future, which will leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Kubernetes.

“In IT, efficiency is the new standard of competition. The only way organizations can manage the exponential expansion in data and the related requirement for high-performance computing – while still contending with the price of hardware, energy, and an increasingly difficult economic climate – is to become obsessive about efficiency,” said Sergey Dobrovolsky, the newly appointed CTO of Virtuozzo.Virtozzo‘s engineering team is unmatched, and with over 23 years of experience in infrastructure solutions, we are well-positioned to deliver the necessary step-change in efficient, scalable compute and storage for the upcoming wave of AI, ML, and other distributed apps in the datacenter and at the edge.”

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“With Sergey on board as CTO we will further empower this vital market with infrastructure solutions,” said Alex Fine, CEO of Virtuozzo.

Focus on Scalable Storage and Compute

Sergey Dobrovolsky, the newly appointed CTO of Virtuozzo
“Virtuozzo is ideally positioned to deliver the step-change needed in efficient, scalable compute and storage for the coming wave of AI, ML and other distributed applications in the data center and at the edge,” said Sergey Dobrovolsky, the newly appointed CTO of Virtuozzo.

Sergey Dobrovolsky oversaw the engineering team at Acronis that developed infrastructure solutions while serving as Vice President of Cybersecurity Infrastructure. The team’s primary focus was on highly scalable storage and compute for the company’s cloud-based backup and cybersecurity products.

The CEO of Virtuozzo, Alex Fine, expressed his excitement at having Sergey as their newly appointed CTO. “Virtuozzo software supports cloud services that are already on record as being more performant and more affordable than hyperscale public clouds or traditional business cloud platforms, but this is just the start. The alternative cloud market is expanding thanks to local CSPs, MSPs, and hosts who offer specialized, white-glove, industry-specific, and sovereign cloud services that aren’t offered by the major cloud providers. With Sergey joining us as CTO, we will further strengthen this important market by providing infrastructure solutions that meet the demands of businesses in terms of performance, efficiency, and cost.”