Virtustream Unveils New Cloud Automation and Security Capabilities

Virtustream, an enterprise-grade cloud company and a Dell Technologies business, has announced a major upgrade to its Virtustream Enterprise Cloud. This includes significant cloud automation and security enhancements, which would enable enterprises the ability to automate key tasks while maintaining security levels – a multi-part process that previously required manual oversight.

The enhancements would include a foundationally new version of the xStream cloud management software platform, featuring an enhanced architecture and application programming interface (API), in addition to the ability to address many of the specific challenges presented when migrating and managing enterprise applications in the cloud.

Deepak Patil
“Virtustream’s new enhancements simplify and automate the most complex actions delivering immediate value to customers,” said Deepak Patil, SVP, Product and Technology, Virtustream.

“Enterprise applications and workloads require special handling and care,” said Deepak Patil, SVP, Product and Technology, Virtustream.

“Historically, enterprise cloud customers had constraints that precluded them from flexibility and conveniences – such as quick provisioning – that are leveraged by cloud consumers with less complex use cases.

This was primarily due to concerns about security, backups, monitoring and other issues. Virtustream’s new enhancements simplify and automate the most complex actions delivering immediate value to customers.”

The new Virtustream Enterprise Cloud enhancements would include the following capabilities:

  • Cloud Management – Enhanced cloud management capabilities would deliver increased levels of integration through APIs and automation from infrastructure to platform services, reducing time-to-cloud for historically difficult to migrate applications. These enhancements allow enterprise-level customers the ability to self-provision virtual machines (VMs) with host-based automated configuration of security services including anti-malware, intrusion detection, file-integrity monitoring as well as the automated coordination of backup and monitoring in minutes.
  • Application Automation – With these upgrades, Virtustream is driving automation capabilities into the application layer. These capabilities include APIs, tools and application specific automation tasks designed to reduce operational processes, reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), and improve the “agility and flexibility” of applications running in Virtustream Enterprise Cloud.
  • Expanded Reporting, Manageability and Visibility – Also in this release, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud’s self-service management portal would offer important new features that provide customers tools for viewing application resource consumption and the ability to group and categorise applications for improved billing transparency.

In addition to these enhancements, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, a VMware Cloud Verified service, will leverage the latest Dell Technologies portfolio through the use of VMware’s hybrid cloud technologies and the latest Dell Technologies infrastructure.

“Enterprises no longer need to be held back by mission critical workloads,” added Mr. Patil. “There is a place to move them using new cloud operating models that compress processes and provide automation and efficiencies that clear space for new innovations, capabilities and businesses. As a long-standing industry expert in moving mission critical applications to the cloud, Virtustream understands the pressure that enterprise IT leaders are under and is designing solutions that will not only solve these pain points, but also will substantively improve time-to-value for cloud projects and empower our customers to confidently embrace the future.”