VMUG Webcast – Deploying VMware DRaaS: Technical Deep Dive

Between on-prem and cloud-based disaster recovery solutions, organizations are increasingly deploying the latter to ensure flexibility and cost-efficiency.

As a cloud-based DR solution powered by VMware Cloud Director Availability, VMware DRaaS provides a cost-efficient way to replicate vSphere environments to the cloud for maximized data availability. Easy to deploy and manage, it enables organizations to quickly set up DR instances, automate failover for vApps and virtual machines, test failback, and perform regular environment health checks.

In this webinar, phoenixNAP’s EVP of Products, William Bell, and Chestin Hay, Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect, VMware Cloud Provider Program, will provide a technical deep dive into how VMware DRaaS works. You will learn why it is important to have a DR strategy in place, why the cloud delivery model is more efficient than the traditional on-prem option, and how to deploy and manage VMware DRaaS.

• DR strategy importance and best practices
• Cloud-based DR advantages over traditional on-prem DR
• Overview of VMware Cloud Director Availability Features
• VMware DRaaS deployment and management demo

Duration: 01:00:35
Publisher: phoenixNAP Global IT Services
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