VMware Expands its Hybrid Cloud Portfolio with New Cloud Management Features

At VMworld 2018 US, VMware has announced innovations across its hybrid cloud portfolio of infrastructure and management software.

At VMworld 2018 US, VMware has announced innovations across its hybrid cloud portfolio of infrastructure and management software. VMware is introducing the new vSphere Platinum Edition – to better secure customer applications and infrastructure. A new release of vSAN would further ease HCI adoption, while new updates across the VMware vRealize cloud management platform would help customers deliver developer-friendly infrastructure from any cloud.

As both security threats and regulatory pressure to control risks increase, organizations would be moving from point security tools to embedded infrastructure solutions. To help businesses address these threats, VMware now introduces its vSphere Platinum Edition to deliver comprehensive, intrinsic security to protect applications, infrastructure, data and access across customers’ digital foundations. This new edition will combine vSphere’s native security capabilities with VMware AppDefense – resulting in the delivery of advanced application security features fully integrated into the hypervisor.

Using machine learning and behavioral analytics, the new solution would enable vSphere administrators to deliver more secure applications and infrastructure by enabling virtual machines (VMs) to run in a ‘known good’ state. It would offer direct visibility into VM intent and application behavior as well as “fast and more accurate” threat detection and response capabilities.

VMware has also unveiled vSphere 6.7 Update 1 which will deliver new features and enhancements, most notably the fully-featured HTML5-based vSphere Client to help admins manage their virtual infrastructure. Additionally, vSphere 6.7 Update 1 would increase support for intelligent workloads by introducing vMotion and snapshot capabilities for NVIDIA Quadro vDWS powered VMs. This should enable admins to migrate vGPU-powered VMs to other compatible hosts while performing maintenance operations to completely eliminate any disruption to end-users and their applications.

Spinning Up New HCI Clusters Faster

VMware has launched vSAN 6.7 Update 1 to make it easier for customers to adopt HCI through “simplified operations, efficient infrastructure and rapid support resolution.” The new release would reduce maintenance operations time with built-in intelligence capabilities. It would also enable admins to spin up new HCI clusters faster by introducing a ‘Quickstart’ guided cluster creation and extension wizard that guides the user through the deployment process for both vSAN and non-vSAN clusters.

VMware claims its new release to deliver improved efficiency due to automated capacity reclamation while helping admins anticipate data needs with new predictive tools. vSAN 6.7 Update 1 would also decrease time-to-resolution with granular diagnostic tools and historical data to better support HCI environments. Additionally, VMware continues to invest in new areas of HCI innovation by unveiling a new private beta program for vSAN to gather feedback on potential ways to further simplify the data center through native data protection, file services, and cloud-native storage capabilities. To request access to the private beta, visit VMware’s website here.

Cloud Management Solutions

VMware has also unveiled new releases across its comprehensive vRealize Cloud Management Platform – to help customers automate and standardize how their digital foundation is operated across hybrid cloud environments and consumed by developers for VM- and container-based application development. The platform would help customers address three key use cases: self-driving operations, programmable provisioning, and application operations.

vRealize Operations 7.0 would augment self-driving capabilities by introducing automated host-based placement driven by business intent. This feature will help customers control workload placement both within and across clusters – to save costs and capacity or to assure performance.

Additional new and enhanced capabilities for fully automated performance optimization, right-sizing workflows, capacity planning, enhancements to the user interface (UI) and dashboard creation in vRealize Operations 7.0 would further enable customers to adopt a ‘self-driving’ approach to monitor and manage their data centers and cloud environments.

This new release also provides full integration between vRealize Operations 7.0 and the new vRealize Automation 7.5 for initial and ongoing placement of workloads across clusters based on operational and business intent (e.g., utilization, compliance, license cost).

vRealize Automation 7.5

This version of vRealize Automation would help customers adopt a programmable provisioning and application operations approach to deliver developer-friendly infrastructure. With a new UI, vRealize Automation 7.5 would enhance configuration management use cases with Ansible Tower integration and offer Kubernetes cluster management via VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) integration. vRealize Automation 7.5 also features “enhanced” AWS and Azure support, enabling IT to better serve broader developer team skill sets and application types.

vRealize Suite 2018 is introduced by VMware to provide enterprises with “enhanced agility, efficiency, and control” across both traditional and cloud-native applications on- and off-premises. The suite’s vRealize Lifecycle Manager 2.0 would enable a DevOps approach for managing the CMP across its lifecycle, making private cloud “easier to operate and consume.” Additional new features include certificate management, content support for vRealize Operations including dashboards, monitors, reports and alerts, and simultaneous release of content across the full vRealize Suite.

Product Availability

VMware vSphere Platinum Edition, VMware vSphere 6.7 Update 1, VMware vSAN 6.7 Update 1, VMware vRealize Suite 2018, VMware vRealize Operations 7.0, and VMware vRealize Automation 7.5 are expected to become available by the end of VMware’s Q3 FY19 (November 2, 2018).

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