VMware Streamlines Cloud-Native Application Development With Two New Technology Previews

Addressing the needs of organizations that want to build, deploy and run cloud-native applications, VMware has introduced two new technology previews – VMware AppCatalyst and Project Bonneville.

Unveiled at DockerCon 2015, VMware AppCatalyst is an API and Command Line Interface (CLI)-driven hypervisor that is purpose-built for developers. A technology preview, VMware AppCatalyst would offer developers a fast and easy way to replicate a private cloud locally on their desktop for building and testing containerized and microservices-based applications.

cloud-hosting-vmwareThe VMware AppCatalyst tool features Project Photon, an open source minimal Linux container host, Docker Machine and integration with Vagrant. VMware AppCatalyst is ready to be downloaded now for Mac OS X at no cost from the AppCatalyst technology preview community site here (registration required). The community site enables participants to provide detailed technology feedback and seek assistance.

VMware vSphere and Docker 

Project Bonneville will enable the seamless integration of Docker containers into the VMware vSphere platform and allow virtual administrators to use their existing operational and management processes and tools such as VMware vCenter Server without the need for new tools or additional training.

Optimized for Docker, Project Bonneville downloads containers from Docker Hub, and isolates and starts up each container in a virtual machine with minimal overhead using the Instant Clone feature of VMware vSphere. Together, Project Bonneville and Instant Clone would make virtual machines lightweight enough to support one container per virtual machine.

Overall, the Project Bonneville technology would offer containers security and isolation while providing admins with transparency into what containers are running where in their virtual environment. The technology is also architected to support Docker containers on any x86-based operating system, including Windows.

“Developers are rapidly adopting Docker to ship apps faster, whether to their private or public cloud infrastructures,” said Scott Johnston, senior vice president of product, Docker. “VMware AppCatalyst and Project Bonneville will make it easier for developers and IT/operations teams alike to take advantage of existing management, compliance, networking and security processes and tools to run Dockerized applications.”

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