Vodafone Idea Limited (VIL), a large telecom operator from India, has partnered with Mavenir to extend its VIL Network-as-a-Platform capabilities, reaching distributed presence across all the major ‘industrial, commercial, and services’ clusters across India.

Vodafone Idea Limited partners with Mavenir to extend its distributed Network cloud as a secured platform to multiple retail, SME users and start-ups.

This partnership would focus on three thrust areas. First, building a universal secured cloud capable of hosting multiple tenants and third-party applications. Second, building a fully automated platform that enables self-provisioning of various workloads. Third and most importantly, setting up a joint innovation lab and team that will consistently innovate on chipset, operating system, and work at application level – to offer unique APIs and enable new use cases and “delightful experience” to VIL customers.

“Vodafone Idea has the largest edge cloud deployment in India,” said Vishant Vora, CTO, Vodafone Idea Limited whose team is spearheading this initiative. “Our partnership with Mavenir will enable continued innovation in optimizing data path algorithms for VOLTE. We look forward to setting up a joint lab and an agile team that will enable on boarding third party applications on our distributed cloud.”

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Open Source Innovation

The VIL and Mavenir partnership has already led to contextualization of software algorithms, leading to enhenced efficiencies. The partnership has been extended to include collaboration with chipset manufacturers and operating systems providers. The stack being deployed is all open sourced. It would benefit from consistent innovation led by a global open community.

“Next frontier in our partnership will be to extend the platforms deployed to host new applications serving IoT and CDN use cases,” said Pardeep Kohli, President and CEO Mavenir. “We plan to build platforms that can host varied OS and varied workloads. We aim to automate deployment and assurance and thereby extend self-provisioning capability for VIL customers. We are excited to set up a joint lab and team, consistently innovate and work with VIL and its customers in an agile manner to turn around new solutions fast.”

Mavenir accelerates network transformation for more than 250+ cloud service provider (CSP) customers in over 130 countries. Mavenir has partnered with VIL in IMS-VOLTE deployments. In the future, this partnership aims to extend the platform being deployed for IMS-VOLTE applications to host other Captive and third-party workloads.

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