VPS Hosting Deal Adds New PoP in Seattle, WA

vps-hosting-dealHosting provider VPS Hosting Deal, a division of Reprise Hosting headquartered in Las Vegas, has announced a new point of presence (PoP) at the Westin Building Exchange in Seattle, WA. With the new PoP, VPS Hosting Deal is better positioned to provide low latency virtual private servers to users around the globe, especially to its VPS clients in East Asia.

With the Seattle PoP and a BGP mix of Level3 and AboveNet bandwidth, VPS Hosting Deal can offer virtual private servers with lower pings and higher uptime. Its connectivity to Asia would have improved significantly since the company connected up to Level3 in Seattle. VPS Hosting Deal states it now has a 155ms average ping to Hong Kong and a 130ms average ping to London. The company claims it can reach the vast majority of North America in under 60ms.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

In addition to the new Seattle location, VPS Hosting Deal also announced plans to offer low-cost dedicated servers through a new sister website, late November. Complete with hot-swappable SSD drives, quad core Xeon processors and IPMI remote administration these servers would be well-suited for a significant workload.

Reprise Hosting is a hosting provider based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and specializes in cPanel VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting solutions.