VPS Hosting Provider Cloud 9 Hosting Now Accepts Bitcoin as Form of Payment

Cloud 9 Hosting, a provider of web hosting services has started to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for its web hosting and VPS hosting services. Cloud 9 Hosting joins several other “top” online brands that currently accept Bitcoin, including Overstock, NewEgg, Expedia, Shopify Stores, WordPress, Microsoft, Reddit and Bloomberg.

vps hosting cloud 9By allowing their customers to pay for services with Bitcoins, the VPS hosting provider is giving its customers both the flexibility and reduced payment processing costs that come with this payment option.

“Our major aim has always been and continues to be to support high-tech entrepreneurs,” said Matt Dubois, CTO of Cloud 9 Hosting, adding that the move is perfectly aligned with the company’s mission to stay ahead of the curve as an early adopter and forward thinker who embraces new technology. “Technology is changing how we do business. Cryptocurrency is the next big thing in the payment industry and as a market leader we want to keep leading from the front.”

Bitcoin is a distributed peer-to-peer payment system based on a fully digital currency. To acquire Bitcoin, one needs to create a Bitcoin wallet on a Bitcoin payment network such as BitPay or Coinbase. They can then use the Bitcoins acquired in this account (wallet) to pay for goods and services by sending them directly to the other Bitcoin user (Cloud 9 Hosting in this case). Bitcoin users can make payments from anywhere in the world using PCs or mobile devices.

Founded in 2008, Cloud 9 Hosting is a full-service provider of web hosting and virtual private server (VPS hosting) services.