#vXchnge Announces Availability of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Connectivity in Its US Data Centers

vXchnge, a carrier-neutral colocation services provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida, has announced the availability of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute in its Austin, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Santa Clara and St. Louis data centers.

vXchnge customers can now leverage the interconnection solutions by privately connecting through a provider like Megaport to Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

As a neutral interconnection provider, vXchnge provides private, secure, redundant connections and on-demand provisioning for hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions. By integrating Azure ExpressRoute with a network service, customers can establish private “high-throughput” connections into Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 that bypass the public Internet.

“Flexibility in hybrid and multi-cloud solutions is increasingly a requirement among our customers, and private connectivity to Azure ExpressRoute enables this,” said Ernest Sampera, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of vXchnge. “Utilizing vXchnge as a data center platform, users of Azure ExpressRoute can now provision secure, reliable cloud connections to complement their hybrid digital transformations with speed and agility.”

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