WANdisco Announces Partnership With WAN Acceleration Vendor, Bridgeworks, For Faster Cloud Migration

WANdisco (LSE: WAND), a provider of software that enables global enterprises to meet today’s data challenges of secure storage, scalability and availability, has announced a new partnership with WAN acceleration vendor, Bridgeworks. The Bridgeworks PORTrockIT software would add speed while delivering enterprise data resilience and security for critical applications such as backup, replication, disaster recovery and cloud migration.

Bridgeworks PORTrockIT software will now be available for WANdisco Fusion’s patented active-transactional replication technology, that was built to move transactional data to the cloud – at Petabyte scale.

“This new partnership brings together two best-of-breed solutions to unlock the full potential of the cloud,” said David Richards, CEO and co-founder of WANdisco.”WANdisco’s continuous availability and guaranteed data consistency can now be deployed with software from Bridgeworks that virtually removes the effects of network latency, making it possible for on-premise and cloud environments to operate as one.”

bridgeworks wan accelerationThe combined Bridgeworks and WANdisco technology would ensure that large volumes of live production data can move to and from the cloud without any business disruption. This would further support hybrid cloud requirements for on-demand, burst-out processing, and offsite disaster recovery, without downtime or data loss.

The combined solution would eliminate the need for cloud vendor storage appliances to be sent back and forth from customer data centers in a process that involves days of downtime and is only suitable for one-time movement of cold, less critical data.

“Enterprises are increasingly reliant on the need to move large volumes of data to where it needs to be at speed,” said David Trossell, CEO of Bridgeworks. “They also need to have full trust and confidence that their infrastructure is able to deliver the performance that is critical to their business. WANdisco software is already known for its performance and it has revolutionized the global enterprise requirement to migrate large amounts of transactional data to the cloud. When combined with Bridgeworks PORTrockIT technology, the resulting increase of up to 100 times in transfer speed has raised the bar for business.”

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